Softwisdom: 1000 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Programming

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"When Weissman weighs in on something, people who matter very, very much tend to pay attention." - Mat Honan, Gizmodo

"Once again Ed expressed my thoughts more completely, clearly, and authoritatively than I ever could. Thank you. Again." - Colin Wright, Cofounder, Solipsys Limited

"Ed Weissman's advice seems like coming from someone who has been in the business of programming for centuries." - Akshat Sharma, Independent Consultant, Curgaon, India

"I've found Ed's comments on this subject highly enlightening. If you're looking for something inspiring / actionable to read, checkout his collection." - Prakhar Srivastav, Software Engineer, Google

"When I read an insightful comment, I glance at the author and see that it was Ed Weissman. He has a voice that sounds of wisdom and decades of experience in the software business." - Evan R. Murphy, Founder, SightReadingMastery

"I agree with Ed that there are enormous opportunities for startups in the B2B or Enterprise market." - Sean Murphy, Principal, SKMurphy

"Ed Weissman...Most of his stuff is thoroughly thought-provoking." - Matt Mazur, Data Scientist, Help Scout & Founder, Lean Domain Search

"Whoever reads Ed, please pin it to your wall or whatever it is you pin to. Couldn't have said it any better." - Yash Chandra, Tech Entrepreneur, Online Learning Platforms

"Today I read the best comment so far about the topic by Ed Weissman." - Jonas Hietala, Developer, Configura


I carry pencil and paper with me everywhere. It's a habit I learned long ago. I never knew when and where a good thought would arrive. When I didn't write things down, I remembered most of them, but not all. Then I often wondered which thoughts I forgot that could have changed my life.

No more. I capture all of them. I have pieces of paper with thoughts and time stamps everywhere. I've used many of them in my writing, my work, and even my tweets. Of course, I've thrown most of them in my "What was I thinking?" box. But you can't toss the bad ones aside if you don't capture them all.

As I read and reread my favorite captured thoughts, I wished that they had come to me sooner, many years sooner in fact. How different would my life and career been if they had?

That's when I came up with the idea for this book. I started with the 1000 thoughts that I would have most likely wanted to know sooner. Then I followed up with the "thinking behind the thought" for every one of them. Finally I organized them into logical groupings.

The thoughts here came from everywhere: mentors, workmates, during experiences building thousands of things, and of course, from the source with no name, often in the middle of the night when I had to pull a cat off my head and grab pencil, paper, and a mini-light.

The thoughts are mine, but not really. I consider myself more of a messenger than a creator. This book delivers those messages to you in a much more consumable package than I ever had. I hope you find one or more thoughts that will impact your life as much as I wish they had done mine years sooner. If so, let me know. My contact info is after every comic strip at


Ed Weissman, July, 2017

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Softwisdom: 1000 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Programming

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